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My Story 

Every website has a story. 

My journey into the world of design and creativity stems from my passion for figure skating in my youth.  Growing up, I was inspired by my mother, who skillfully crafted all my costumes on her sewing machine.  At the age of nine, she passed on her sewing skills to me, sparking my lifelong love for creating with fabric.  Now, as a mother to 3 dancing children, my path evolved into creating costumes for ballet.   

As my children pursued their dancing dreams, I stood by them as the parent with the sewing skills.  What began as volunteering for Nutcracker and year-end productions evolved into a permanent venture.  I established a formal presence with the City of Nanaimo and operate my business with defined business hours and the website stands as a portfolio and method of purchasing ready to wear items.

The entire lower floor of the house is dedicated to Tidewater Dancewear's Tutu Room, a specialized space where ready to wear designs are created for you.  I cater to custom clientele for YAGP, IBC, and many other local and international events as well as take large orders for spring festivals and year end performances.

Excitingly, there is also a developing and expanding line  for boys and men because boys dance too!

Check back often as the site evolves, and book early for custom creations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting a small business run by ME!

Keep Dancing,


Casey Delves

Tidewater Dancewear

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Casey Delves owner and operator of Tidewater Dancewear
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