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Tidewater Dancewear is proud to work together with Fraser Valley Academy of Dance and assisting studios wanting to rent the entire production set, and costumes for Aladdin Jr. Musical Theatre show.   Main character costumes, accessories, props  were created or assembled by Tidewater Dancewear along with student/parent helpers! Save endless amounts of hours in costume construction time, and money that comes with creating from scratch all the essentials that are needed to make the wardrobe because we have done it for you!

If you are interested in more photos, want to see the entire list available in this collection, and wish to rent the entire collection please email inquiries or call the shop for more information and we will be very happy to forward the contact information for the FVAD studio Directors.

**$1 pricing will not reflect the actual cost of rental and is solely used to create the listing on the sale page. Thank you for your understanding

Theatre - Aladdin Jr.

  • All photos are generously provided by the Directors of Fraser Valley Academy of Dance.  No copies or reproductions in print or digital sharing to any platform on social media allowed.  All images are the sole property of Fraser Valley Academy of Dance. 

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